Hey baby, What's your sign?!?

Where? The House System

As horrible as it is for me to plant this ear worm, that is EXACTLY how firmly the 12 houses of the zodiac should be embedded in your day to day thinking. Here below are the descriptions for the twelve houses. They represent what AREA of life you will experience the energy of a planet in a certain sign.


1 ‐The 1st house corresponds to the part of the sky just below the horizon in the east (also referred to as the rising sign). It symbolises the essential traits of the personality and the appearance of the physical body. It is ruled by the planet Mars and corresponds to the sign of Aries.

2 ‐The 2nd house symbolises the money a person earns and the way he/she makes things their own, and thus their system of values. It is ruled by the planet Venus and corresponds to the sign of Taurus.

3 The 3rd house corresponds to siblings, short journeys, short writings and the mind. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and corresponds to the sign of Gemini.

4 ‐The 4th house begins at the Imum Coeli, the lowest/deepest point in the chart. Therefore the 4th house symbolises the deepest roots and foundations of the personality. It also symbolises the mother, one's home environment and the end of one's life. It is ruled by the Moon and corresponds to the sign of Cancer.

5 ‐The 5th house symbolises one's creativity, procreation and children, love affairs and leisure time. It is ruled by the Sun and corresponds to Leo.

6 ‐The 6th house symbolises one's health and the circumstances at the workplace. Ruled by Mercury, it corresponds to Virgo.

7 ‐The 7th house symbolises the partner and people with whom one establishes important relationships. Ruled by Venus, it corresponds to Libra.

8 ‐The 8th house relates to sex, the money one does not earn (such as inheritances), death and the occult. Not surprisingly it is ruled by Pluto and corresponds to the sign of Scorpio.

9 ‐The 9th house symbolises long studies and journeys. It is also the house of philosophy and spiritual quests. Ruled by Jupiter, it corresponds to Sagittarius.

10 ‐The 10th house begins with the midheaven, the highest point in the chart. It is the house of action and materialisation, and of career. Ruled by Saturn, it corresponds to Capricorn.

11 ‐The 11th house deals with your way of relating to groups and social structures. It also tells about influential friends and people who will help realise your plans. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, it corresponds to Aquarius.

12 ‐ The 12th house symbolises spiritual realisation and the trials one may go through in one's life. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, this house corresponds to the sign of Pisces.