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Welcome to AstroNewbies! If you've landed on this site by Google search, Facebook, or someone gave the link to you, chances are you may have just recently discovered that there's a good bit about astrology that you don't know. "Moon Sign", "Synastry", "Mars Trine Pluto in Scorpio", and other words or phrases might be new to you, and it makes answering that question much more complicated than what most people think. You're an AstroNewbie! You want to learn more!

AstroNewbies is a group of like-minded Truth-seekers, looking to improve ourselves, our families, communities, world and Our Universe, and we have decided that, while we too are still learning, we know enough to be able to help those who have never heard the terms "natal chart", "chart wheel", "Jupiter conjunction to Mars", or "Sun in Leo in the 5th house" before. We have struggled with learning these things as well, and have put in a lot of time and effort in finding the most accurate resources that are the easiest to understand, in order to create a movement of engaging the astro-curious in the education of the astro-basics, that we hope will spread like wildfire! WE ASTRO-NOOBS!!!

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The creator of this site, Michelle Holdorf (aka "Moonies", aka The Phoenix ;) ) is an editor for notable astrologer and holistic physician, Dr. Loretta Standley, and will be drawing much of the information shared henceforth from Dr. Standley's massive and informative site, We encourage you to make yourself familiar with Dr. Standley's site, and follow her on Facebook as well, to stay abreast of the current planetary transits, and to have another resource available directly to yourself to grow from.

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A Note From the site creator:

Hello Astronewbies and Site Visitors,

My name is Michelle Holdorf and I am the creator of this website. I hope you each find this site informative and entertaining! Welcome, to all who are new to learning more about astrology!

I am not an astrologer. I am, however, an editor for one, and have followed the website of my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Loretta Standley, since 2007. The year prior, in 2006, I had just embarked on learning more of my family's background on my father's side, which is Catholic. Imagine how delighted I was, a year later, to do a Google search for a novena (prayer) for the unemployed, and discover this lady who is a literal walking-encyclopedia of, not just Catholic and Cherokee ceremonial and spiritual knowledge (both of which I have a genetic kinship to), and of holistic medicine (another of my interests), but also that of astrology, another subject matter I have always been fascinated with!

I have learned so much more than I ever could have hoped for, and in following the Liturgy, along with Dr. Standley's Spiritual Progression Path, and in pushing onward in my quest to learn more about all of these things, my relationship with God has deepened, and is much sweeter than I ever thought it could be! I am very, very thankful to Him for her! She is also a holistic physician, so if you are in need of any holistic healing or astrological services, please contact Dr. Loretta Standley at (314)-420-5099 or you can view her Holistic Shop online at

I also am not a quick writer. I do go on at length sometimes...sorry (>.<) lol! "I'm an editor, not a writer! Ha!" is what I tell my friends. One of those dear friends of mine is the writer for this site's blog, the AstroNewbie Bloggity Blog; she also helps me to daily maintain my sanity as my "digital office buddy", and I am glad to have the lovely Heather Buen among us, the astrologically-fascinated. Heather is a professional blog writer, and is a professor of certain journalism courses at the University of Texas. She owns and maintains and is a master of internet marketing and social media of all types. Please contact her for any of your internet marketing or consulting needs by visiting her portfolio page here:   or visit her website at 

I also tell each person I meet that I desire for people to be better for knowing me, never worse. That being said, it is my delight to also have among my list of peers, Susan Nicole Wright, a psychic medium and Reiki Master. My interaction with Susan recently helped me cope with a close friend's suicide, which brought me closer to her, to Heather, and my Faith. I am very thankful for her, and encourage anyone seeking Peace with someone who has passed, who needs clarity in a relationship, or who is in need of life path coaching, to reach out to Susan. You can find her online at

I have put this site together as a factual resource for people who find it easy to get lost in the sea of fearful knowledge and practices out there one finds when one searches for any real information on the history and practice of astrology...Not only for newbies seeking the math, art & science of it, but for those who seek positive support in the spiritual realm of astrology.

Most of the "regulars" on this site (myself and other admins who will be present) are Judeo-Christian in our belief systems. We have found that there is not a lot of support out there on even the most basic of astrological terms, phrases, or patterns, for the Christian, or spiritually-inclined individual. I hope you find this site as a place of assurance in your quest to learn more about your Universe, and as Loretta's site did for me, I hope this one will help draw you closer to its Creator. My opinions of this will be scattered about in this site's content, from blog articles and social media posts to the "Jesus Loves Me" page (coming soon!).  I do not pressure people with religion and encourage athiest, agnostics, and people of all belief systems, to use these resources in their own quests for Truth. 

That being said, here are a few guidelines I have set to make sure each AstroNewbie has the most enriching experience while engaging on the site or on social media with us. 

1) Absolutely NO posting of any nudity, racism, sexism, intolerance of any kind, or any other imagery or language that would inhibit the experience of other members. In the forums, and as a pinned post in our Facebook group, is an example of some of those things, including some "zodiac-themed" memes that circulate heavily but have no basis of validity in their representation of the signS. NO negative, aggressive, fearful, or lack-oriented behavior, mentality, language or attitudes will be tolerated. Any more than 3 incursions of your involvement in any of these things will result in your being banned from the site and/or group. We are here to help each other learn and grow. You have entered this group with respect for your fellow man and an open mind, and we expect you stay that way and to succeed in becoming the best person you can be through learning your natal chart.

2) No "science vs. religion" discussion will take place here. Most of us are Judeo-Christians or otherwise spiritually-minded, but we have all encountered negative reception from people who don't condone our desire to learn about Our Universe, and so, we welcome those who are athiest or agnostic as well, because we know how it feels to be condemned for our opinions and feelings while in the search for Truth. Let's not hinder each other with negative disputes or debates. ‪#‎ANGTFT‬

3) Please address any and all concerns to an AstroNewbie Admin, to avoid reporting anyone, or any other stressfull, negative situations. Although "elementary" in theme as a form of "astro-pre-K", most of us are and will be adults, with jobs, families and other pursuits we engage in. Let's not waste each other's time, by being immature or insecure.

4) Located under both the "ABCs" & "123s" sections of this site is The Astronoobs Cheat Sheet. It is designed to help you grasp the basics as quickly as possible, as a handy reference guide. We expect each member to download or print it as soon as possible upon joining the group. It will always be here in case you need to download or print it again.

5) None of the information on this site is meant to be used as medical or psychological treatment. Any member who registers with this site or engages with us on social media, has accepted these guidelines and is responsible for his or her own behavior. Any actions or decisions made by a member, based on information received from AstroNewbies' resources,  are made of his or her own volition. 

Thank you for joining us in your journey through the amazing world of astrology, and welcome to your first day as an official AstroNewbie! Grab your thinking cap, and let's get down to business!


Site Creator Michelle "The Phoenix" Holdorf

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