Hey baby, What's your sign?!?

Quick Charting Tool

Keep in mind that this tool is only for quick reference.

Step #1 - Enter your birth date, place and time in the data submission box below to reveal your very own chart and astro-stats!

Step #2 -  After you hit "Next", be sure to check all four boxes and click "Redraw" to render a concise listing ALL of your stats, which you will find beneath the submission box under the chart!

*To view interpretations and descriptions, hover your mouse over a zodiac or planetary symbol, keeping an eye on the tab at the top of the widget which will show you the name for the sign or symbol.

*The interpretations and descriptions are hidden beneath that tab. To view them, move your mouse, being careful not to pass over any of the other symbols, towards the small orange button on the right-hand side of the tab, and then click it. You will find a great deal of information for each placement/aspect in that window.