Hey baby, What's your sign?!?

Just like learning the alphabet, it is important that you become familiar with certain words and what they mean in order to be able to understand the basics of astrology. You had to learn your ABC's before you learned how to read a book, and you will need to know these words before you can really get to know your own chart. It is always ALWAYS best to learn your own chart before even think of looking at someone else's. 

Let's kick off our ABCs with answering the question "Who?". The zodiac signs tell us whose energy a planet is rolling over. Let's say, for example, today (09/01/2015) the moon is in Aries, and Mercury is in Libra. The moon tells us how people will be reacting emotionally, and mercury tells us what style of communication they'll be using to express those emotions through communicating. So today, there may be a "me first" type of Aries energy at play in regards to some people's emotions, and they may use their relationships (Libra energy) to talk about it or people might go the other way and get self-centered and drop the ball in communicating with others. It depends on where (which house) in a person's chart that sign lands. You can learn about the 12-House system on the 123's page :) First, get familiar with who we're talking about. Below is a list of the signs, click on the link to be guided to Dr. Standley's detailed pages on what kind of energy exactly each sign has "rulership" over. 

-Aries -Taurus -Gemini -Cancer -Leo -Virgo 

-Libra -Scorpio -Sagittarius -Capricorn -Aquarius -Pisces


Capricorn Rulerships

Aquarius Rulerships

Pisces Rulerships